Contractual & Organizational Reform


Upgrading the contract system to global standards and creating peace and security for the parties to the contract


Standard services in the field of drafting, revision, modification, translation and interpretation of contracts by a team of experts and professionals


Independence and impartiality
Observance of the rules of the public system
Compliance with the applicable laws of the country
Compliance with international principles of contracts
 Protecting the interests of the parties to the contract
Prevent contractual tyranny

Drafting Contracts in

Construction Contracts and Engineering Works

Contracts For Electrical And Mechanical Projects

Contracts For The Provision Of Various Types Of Engineering And Construction Services With A Relatively Small Value

Construction Plan And Turnkey Contracts

Contracts For Turnkey Projects

Employer/Consultancy Service Contracts

قراردادهای خدمات کار فرما/مشاوره

بازنگری و اصلاح قراردادها

ترجمه قراردادها

تفسیر قراردادها

Organizational Reform

Preparation of Policy, Strategy and Work Plans

Preparation Structure, إudget and ٌorking Procedures

Preparation of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems