Investment Consultation


Achieving a society where investors can use their material and intellectual capital in different sectors with full confidence and the possibility of proper returns and carry out commercial activities under the shadow of legal security


Creating a safe legal environment for domestic and foreign businessmen who are interested in investing in Afghanistan; By providing the necessary expert advice after professional research and needs assessment for investment and providing lasting advice to advance their activities by the expert and professional team


The rules of Islamic Sharia
Applicable laws of Afghanistan
Commercial customs
Afghanistan’s security and public order
Afghanistan’s urgent economic needs
Global economic developments

Real Estate

Searching and finding people who want to sell, buy or rent their property. We identify and connect potential, interested and suitable customers by running continuous advertisements and other methods. In fact, real estate consulting is a very smart and different method that identifies and introduces suitable customers to each other by using new methods and speeds up the execution of real estate transactions.
Properties for sale and rent: preparation of a special list for each property, which includes the price, benefits, main and secondary specifications and all-important items related to the desired property.
Negotiating and adjusting the best offer to the seller and the buyer: managing the relationship between the buyer and the seller, we will give the best possible offer to both parties. Preparation and adjustment of contracts and documents: After submitting proposals and obtaining consent from the parties, the consultant prepares the necessary contract and documents, so that the ownership of the property is legally transferred to the buyer


Trade and exchange of goods and services is a difficult and profitable field of work that requires a high and up-to-date level of information; because the field of international trade always undergoes a series of changes and developments that are challenging for businessmen. Whenever a businessman steps into this field without sufficient knowledge and information, he/she will surely face huge losses and damages.
To avoid any failure or financial loss, the best solution is to seek help from a business consultant.
Considering the changes that are happening in the field of international trade, it is necessary to get business advice, both for a beginner and for veteran and experienced businessmen; because doing business and using various methods of import and export and other business matters requires knowledge, awareness and experience.
In this field, companies and individuals as business consultants can help you in this complicated business path and smooth the way for you.
We will provide traders and business owners with complete information in various business fields, including exports, imports, branding, marketing, supply chain management, customs laws and all matters related to national and international trade.

Export And Import

In international trade, exports are goods or services that are produced in one country and sold to another country. The seller of these goods and services is an exporter and the foreign buyer is an importer. Exporting has a series of rules and barriers, and trade barriers in this sector are laws, regulations, policies or government procedures that protect domestic products from foreign competition. While restrictive trade practices sometimes have a similar effect; but usually they are not considered as trade barriers. The most important barriers to foreign trade are measures and policies imposed by the government that limit or prevent the international exchange of goods and services. In order to be informed on time and to avoid wasting time and to receive accurate information for the export of your products or products, contact us, choose the necessary facilities and countries for your property scientifically, accurately and at the lowest price