Women’s Rights

The meaning of women’s rights [here] is the human rights of women, which are ignored or violated in some societies due to historical and cultural reasons or under the influence of unreasonable customs and traditions.Bodily integrity, autonomy, the right to an independent legal and legal identity, the right to education, the right to marry, the right to dowry, the right to trade, the right to work, the right to equal pay with men, the right to contract and social and economic participation, the right to inheritance, the right to vote and political participation. And special privileges for women compared to men, because; Exemption from hard work and harmful to health, night work and long working hours, supportive privileges in the workplace for women are the most important examples of these rights.
In practice, women are deprived of these rights in the majority of countries in the world, and the violation of these rights is at a high level in third world countries. In order to secure women’s human rights, there is a strong need for comprehensive scientific research on the roots of women’s rights violations and their solutions.