Concepts such as acquiring knowledge, education, literacy, and upbringing are considered part of education. Education is not related to specific people, time, place, or teaching courses or schools; Rather, this concept is for all members of society at any time and place. The majority of people consider the main goal of education to be education and literacy (reading and writing), But it should be said that education and literacy are the necessary goals of education, But it is not considered a sufficient goal for it. Besides, more important goals, such as; Providing grounds for self-knowledge, strengthening Islamic beliefs, knowledge of God, education of national culture and traditions, education of necessary skills for production and service delivery, development of mental and physical talents, self-improvement and high self-confidence, moral and intellectual education, behavioral and even physical of a person can be included among the goals of education. Teaching means a group of activities to increase the learning of people with the help of a teacher. Teaching takes place through a teacher and several students. Teaching is any pre-planned activity whose purpose is to teach students. Education means a regular flow to help the cognitive, moral, social, and general development of a person’s personality. It is education that makes people’s inner talents known in life and has made talent blossom. education to all aspects of people’s lives, such as; Paying attention to cultural, artistic, political, social, etc., and preparing people in the society. Regarding the difference between these two concepts, it should be said that the concept of education is broad and takes place over a long time; But education refers to certain works. The main goal should be education, education is also a means that whenever the topic is education, this issue should be done with the help of education.
Because there is a special connection between education and training that without education, training does not occur. These two concepts are connected like theropods and cannot be separated from each other. Education takes place by a teacher or instructor in a fixed place such as a classroom; But education through factors such as; Managers, parents, friends, and… occur.
Or in simpler language, education means to teach. And education means growth. In education, a person’s abilities and knowledge increase, and in training, the ability to use these abilities is manifested. As a result, no education is possible without education. Both side by side cover each other.