Social Immunity

Immunity means safety and protection; Social immunity is a privilege that a person benefits from naturally or according to legal rules, so that he can use his human and social rights and privileges in a free and safe environment and perform better in life; In the culture, the term social immunity is known as the special feature of the vulnerable sections of the society.In Afghanistan, the issues that can be defined and analyzed as a priority under the heading of social security are: reducing vulnerability, helping the poor layers of society, improving the economy of families, creating social justice, providing facilities for resettlement of immigrants and return. workers, internally displaced people, paying attention to the situation of nomads, supporting border residents, supporting women against environmental violence, both in the work environment and in the family, discrimination against women in educational and educational rights, supporting women in the provision of services Health, especially the protection of children and mothers, the protection of the country’s residents against natural disasters and climate changes, and attention to vulnerable groups in the occupational, agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. Although in Afghanistan, various institutions have made many efforts to ensure social security; But in practice, positive changes have not appeared as necessary.Therefore, research in this regard is one of the work priorities of the symbol of justice; So that the people of Afghanistan can benefit from the privileges mentioned in the domestic laws and international agreements.