Legal Services

Advocacy in Cases

In order to advance cases of any kind, it is necessary to have enough time, expertise and experience, so that one can play a role in each of the stages of handling the case in a favorable way. Otherwise, the possibility of losing the file increases greatly, and despite the exhausting efforts by inexperienced people, the desired result is not achieved and ultimately leads to the loss of the file. The legal team of symbol of justice company, which consists of experienced and professional lawyers and specialists in various cases, provides specialized legal services in various cases, including commercial, civil, banking, tax, criminal, family and public security. The countrymen in order to advance their claims, with full confidence and trust, can refer to the team of lawyers of the Symbol of Justice law firm.

Tax Services and Advice

ITR: Computation and submission of annual income statement
BRT: calculation and submission of quarterly statements
Wages: Calculation and presentation of salary statements
Rent: Calculation and submission of rent declaration
Contractor: Calculation and submission of contract declaration
SEGTAS Training: SEGTAS training according to the Finance Law

Dispute Resolving Using ADR Methods

Nowadays, the tendency of litigants to refer to alternative methods of conflict resolution is increasing. In fact, factors such as; Speed, low cost, specialization, flexibility and the like make claimants to prefer to refer to alternative methods over judicial method which is long, expensive, hard and inflexible. This has become the basis for the expansion of replacement centers and accordingly many regulations will be approved in the world. Along with other departments, the law firm has also created a specialized center for solving cases through alternative methods, to provide fast and impartial services to the fans.